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Evidence Based Practice Nursing Implications - 1399 Words

Evidence Based Practice: Nursing Implications Misty DelCiampo Submitted to Sarah P. Combs PhD, MPH, RN in partial fulfillment of NR460 Evidence Based Practice in Nursing Regis University August 3rd, 2015 Evidence Based Practice Nursing Implications As the health care environment is becoming more complex, and technology is developing rapidly, the expectations of nurses has increased more than ever before. Times are rapidly changing and to keep up with these changes, nurses are moving away from providing care based on the ways it’s always been done towards research- and evidence-based practice. The purpose of this paper is to define the importance of Evidence Based Practice (EBP). It will give examples of research in practice. And finally, will examine the barriers that prevent research utilization. Importance of Evidence Based Practice Utilizing the EBP approach by nurses helps to bridge the gap between research, expert opinion and patient preferences to provide the highest quality of patient care possible. The simplest way to define Evidence Based Practice is the method of evaluating, and applying research findings to improve clinical practice, and patient outcomes. In the search for clinical improvement, nurses must examine the â€Å"why† behind current methods and processes, using EBP aids nurses in answering this question. Nursing interventions should be realistic, and clinical decisions should be based on EBP research studies because EBP isShow MoreRelatedThe Importance Of Knowledge, And Attitudes Toward Evidence Based Practice Among Nursing Staff770 Words   |  4 PagesThis is a review of the academic nursing research article entitled Use, Knowledge, and Attitudes Toward Evidence-Based Practice Among Nursing Staff which was published in the Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing in 2013. The a rticle will be examined with regards to methodology, data analysis, as well as resulting correlations and conclusions that the authors identify in their discussion. The article provides information based on responses from a questionnaire regarding nurse s attitudesRead MoreMy Own Philosophy Of Nursing1172 Words   |  5 PagesPhilosophy of nursing, rather they know it off hand or not. We all have our own beliefs of what nursing is, our own personal goals, and values that are important to our practice of nursing. Some individuals are more aware of the beliefs and values that influence their role and actions in the nursing field, compared to others who have never thought about it before. When trying to develop your own philosophy of nursing, it may be helpful to think about, your own personal definition of what nursing is, theRead MoreClinical Nurse Leader Role in Psychiatric Department Essay1314 Words   |  6 PagesCNL Role in Psychiatric Department Never has it been more critical to provide high quality care in the hospital while being cost effective. The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (American Association of Colleges of Nursing [AACN], 2005) has created the Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) role to introduce lateral integration of care for specified groups by creatively and intentionally using a variety of health care resources (AACN, 2005). The CNL’s purpose is to aid in various departments of theRead MoreBiomedical And Health Informatics Have Been Increased Demand1570 Words   |  7 Pagesconsequently, many healthcare agencies have conducted research to provide up-to-date, and unbiased evidence on healthcare interventions. A wealth of available data is now available for meaningfully knowledge exploitation that can strengthen building and evidence creation, and ultimately improve clinical and preventive care (Bloomrosen, 2010). Evidence is a continuum process and through a circulatory practice approaches, it i s generated into care at the bedside and back to the research system and thisRead MoreThe Image of Nursing Essay1107 Words   |  5 PagesThroughout time the world’s image on Nursing has evolved rapidly. Nurses work in an extremely stressful environment and must carry out their duties in a professional manner to ensure proper procedures are followed throughout their routines. They also have a considerable amount of responsibility that comes with their career. For those reasons nurses must present themselves in a professional and structured manner at all times. The Image of Nursing describes how people in and out of the profession seeRead MoreBreastfeeding For The Pediatric Population1360 Words   |  6 Pagesimportant aspect of everyday nursing care in paediatric acute care facilities is the support and care of breastfeeding families† (p. 14). Nurses’ who implement the promotion of breastfeeding may pose many benefits for the well-bring of their clients such a s; maternal and child bonding and health protection, child growth and development, and family and society protection (Bomer-Norton, 2014, p.88). Therefore, breastfeeding promotion is essential and relevant to pediatric nursing care. This paper will exploreRead MoreThe Development Of Decision Making1238 Words   |  5 PagesDevelopment of Decision-Making in Nursing Nursing is a profession that has traditionally attracted individuals who have a desire to help others and have an interest in the health sciences (Ruesink, 2012). In the complex world of health care, good intentions only go so far in terms of client safety, quality of care, and achieving the best possible outcomes, and that is why critical thinking, decision making, and evidence based practice are crucial to the nursing profession when acting on the behalfRead MoreThe Benefits Of Electronic Medical Records1373 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction The benefits of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) significantly outweigh the disadvantages, when it comes to the nursing care of patients in multiple settings. There have been multiple studies proving the enhancement and efficiency of nursing care in various areas, when electronic documentation is properly taught and utilized. Likewise, there is evidence supporting the reliability of the documentation, after comparing nurses’ verbal accounts of previously recorded information. When theRead MoreImportance Of Evidence Based Practice And Nursing Research1006 Words   |  5 Pages Significance of Evidence Based Practice and Nursing Research Rina Desai Widener University â€Æ' The significance of nursing research and evidence-based practice has gained a huge momentum in nursing. Research findings, knowledge from basic science, clinical knowledge, and expert opinion are all considered ‘evidence’. Thus, the practices based on research findings are more likely to result in the desired patient outcomes across numerous clinical settings. In addition, the pressure of healthcareRead MoreThe Importance Of Obtaining Quality And Safe Care1111 Words   |  5 PagesImportance of Documentation Facilitate Communication Documentation in nursing is an integral part of providing quality and safe care to patients. As indicated in the standards of nursing care, patient’s condition and care needs to be clearly stated for smooth continuity of care. This is importance since quality care is a team effort. The team must be able to work together and ensure that each patient’s individual needs are clearly communicated to each other. Proper documentation is vital for both

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