Monday, January 6, 2020

Leadership Training My Leadership - 2040 Words

Leadership Overview Introduction When I walked into the first class of leadership training, I thought that I had a firm understanding about what leadership was, and how to lead in an efficient matter. I quickly learned that I had a lot of room for improvement to become a better leader. My leadership journey prior to this class was not diverse, most of my leadership experiences were in athletics, there were only a few times I lead in other situations. In high school I was the captain of the varsity soccer team my junior and senior year, captain of the varsity basketball team my senior year, a member of student council my junior year, and a member of the the student ambassador program my senior year. 90% of my leadership experiences have†¦show more content†¦Also, for PLP part one we were given the task to come up with short term and long term leadership goals, the short term goals were set to be completed before the semester was over, and the long term goals were anything beyond that time period. After I co mpleted the self – assessment, and received my results I really found out what kind of a leader I am. After the results settled in, I realized that these results were not shocking by any means. The results I received directly reflected what kind of a leadership I had been demonstrating throughout my leadership journey, and reflected my personality. The areas that I scored well in were: model the way and challenge the process. The areas I did not score well in were: encourage the heart, inspire a shared vision and enable others to act. The personality I have is matches up perfectly with my results, I am a silent leader, leading by example is the way I like to lead, that is why modeling the way and challenging the process area my strengths. Because I am a silent leader, my results also show that I am not an extremely vocal leader, that is why I struggled in the areas of encouraging the heart, inspiring a shared vision and enabling others to act. In my past leadership experience s, I never was the type of leader that was always yelling and encouraging others, I was the type of leader

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